Jeanna Nash

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About me

I'm a British Photographer and Writer presently spending some time in Cappadocia, Turkey - in the wonderful land of Fairy Chimneys, balloons and surreal landscapes - a photograpers dream for me!  

I've travelled extensively throughout the world and will continue to do so forever I hope! For me there is nothing more wonderful than spending time in out of the way destinations learning about the people, culture and beauty of the country while capturing it to share with others.

I've many years experience working within Tourism as Tour Manager, Guide and Shore Excursions Manager but I have also worked within media for BBC TV and Radio. I'm a triained and published Journalist and Photographer with a passion and thirst for travel and love nothing more than writing/shooting about my escapades and getting 'inside' the destinations to give a true and detailed account of all trips!

Great travelling to you!