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I'm a civil engineer in the business of water and sanitation and I was lucky many years ago to get a job that gave me travel opportunities with company / client paying the bills. I'm semi-retired freelancer now (so called expert in the jargon) and I pick the assignments offered to me for their location as well as technical interest. The projects I was looking after initially were in the middle east - I did many trips to Iraq in the good times before Sadaam over-reached himself on the international stage. I also visited Beirut (beautiful and vibrant city before the civil war), Cairo and some of the gulf states. Then my company landed a large project in Athens and I rapidly became a Greekophile, enjoying many holidays as well as business trips to the mainland and islands. Other Mediterranean destinations included Spain, Italy, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco (Lisbon is also a city I like to visit, but that's on the Atlantic). On the very occasional year that I don't manage to get quality time swimming in the Med I feel a sense of loss.

My other area of interest has been Slovakia, which has beautiful mountains and lakes and is great for hiking, and other central European states (where I help them spend the EC money). In southern Africa I have visited South Africa, Malawi and Mozambique. Cape Town is one of my personal top ten destinations, but what keeps it from being in a medal position is the b****y cold sea.