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Sir Cliff Richard is an international recording artist who has sold more than 260 million records. He is the only singer to have had a Number One single in the UK in five consecutive decades. During the course of his career he has travelled extensively. As well as the UK, Sir Cliff now has homes in Portugal, Barbados and the United States.
Favourite places - Touring with my music has taken me all over the world. I really like Barbados and the Algarve and spend lots of time at my homes there. I also love going to America. I have almost 100 per cent anonymity there, which is great for me. Even if I tell people that I was the one who recorded Devil Woman or We Don’t Talk Any More, they don’t believe it. I particularly love New York City with its bustling atmosphere but I also enjoy skiing. I’m a middle-of-the-road skier so I like big wide pistes. In the US I’d recommend a visit to Aspen which I really enjoyed. When I get the chance I also plan to travel to Vail which is supposed to be amazing.

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