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Christopher is a freelance writer with family ties across four continents and travel experience across every one except Antarctica; it will happen, provided it has not melted before he has enough to pay for the trip. He has worked as a reporter in Malaysia and spent two teenage summers sampling the unique culture as a PR / waiter in 18-30 resorts in Greece, which he describes as like Gomorrah, only hotter, and messier in the morning. His last great trip was a three and a half week tour of central Peru, which inspired a fascination with the jungle that has yet to be sated. Chris' next trip is across America, on the roads from Boston, New York and Washington across the plains to Salt Lake City and San Francisco, then by air to LA, Vegas, Southern and Western Texas, Memphis, New Orleans and Miami. It'll be quick, it'll be rough, and, in theory, it'll be cheap. Stephen Fry did just do it, but he didn't do it for less than three and a half thousand pounds. The task is to see if anyone can.