Alan Wright

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About me

I was born in Lancashire and returned to live in the county five years ago. I presently live in a village between Chorley and Blackburn with my partner and our Lakeland Terrier pup. I have been a journalist for 25 years working as a writer, sub-editor and page designer on some top newspapers. I reached the position of editor, and head of production at two publications. I have also recently started lecturing at local universities in design and sports journalism. I have worked on national and regional newspapers in England, Scotland, Ireland and Bermuda. I am a keen walker and have been a fervent fan of Wigan Athletic since the early 1970s. I am a lover of most types of music and visit the WOMAD festival in Wiltshire each July.

Where I live now is a place I have grown to love for many reasons. Bermuda is a wonderful name to drop into conversations (at every opportunity) and I could have settled down there if circumstances had been different. My favourite places to visit are generally governed by great food and warm and friendly people, so Cornwall, Scotland and Italy stand out. If I won the Lottery I would spend the first six weeks of my "retirement" on the Cornish Coastal Path.

My favourite places

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