Beate Oera-Roderick

Norway on a budget

It’s a country known for fjords, midnight sun and blue-eyed blondes – and for extortionate prices, but don’t let that put you off. There are ways to see Norway on a budget Read the guide

Island-hopping in Croatia

The Dalmatian Riviera offers sun, elegant resorts and stunning nature in one of Europe’s most charming island groups. Don your lycra and jump on your bike to experience the best of it Read the guide

Cycling in Seville

Riding a bike round Seville, a city famed for its Andalucian heat, may sound like hard work, but it’s actually cooler than sightseeing on foot. Follow these tips for the best two-wheeled trip Read the guide

Trondheimsfjord is terrific

The Trondheimsfjord is one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords, bathed in a soft, golden light during long summer days and with a young and vibrant city at its centre. Read the guide

Seeing in the New Year in style in Vienna

Vienna is the perfect destination for New Year revellers on a budget, with free entertainment into the early hours and plenty of champagne or mulled wine to toast a stranger with Read the guide