Kathy Arnold

Cape Cod: where America goes to relax

Looking for a special summer holiday? Cape Cod is known as one of America’s favourite vacation destinations. Great beaches; romantic inns, fine restaurants and history that goes back 400 years Read the guide

Boston in 48 hours

As well as being the birthplace of the American Revolution, Boston has always influenced much of the USA’s way of life, from politics to music Read the guide

Toronto in 48 hours

Canada’s largest city is also one of North America’s most vibrant communities. From bustling markets to some of the world’s outstanding art collections, Toronto has it all Read the guide

Québec City: where history is part of daily life

Québec City is a mix‘n’match of cutting edge and traditional, English and French, New World and Old. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also the only walled city in North America Read the guide