Mike Martin

Vigo – Spain’s hidden gem

The port of Vigo in north-west Spain is a highly attractive city and offers some of the country's best seafood and wine Read the guide

Popping corks in Corsica

Corsica’s big secret is it now produces some top-quality wines. It’s also a stunning, warm island, still relatively unexplored and definitely worth a look and taste Read the guide

Glasgow - City of style, culture and food

Scotland's Glasgow is emerging from its dark past into an era of stylish shopping, trendy designers, fantastic Victorian buildings and some top-notch food Read the guide

Brussels: a surreal weekend with Magritte

Brussels has always had plenty to interest the art historian and art lover. Now, it has the most exciting opening in a long time – a new museum dedicated to the famous Belgian surrealist René Magritte Read the guide

Nightwatching In Amsterdam

Anyone coming out of Peter Greenaway’s film Nightwatching will be bursting to hop over to Amsterdam to have another look at Rembrandt’s masterpiece The Night Watch, which the film dramatises Read the guide