Mike Martin

Ancient Metz gets back to the future

Metz is one of the prettiest towns in France, but short on culture – until now. The Centre Pompidou-Metz museum will bring a touch of modern excitement to the medieval town Read the guide

A revitalised St Ives

There are three very good reasons to visit St Ives right now: the ailing pound against the euro, a great new luxury place to stay, and a fantastic exhibition at the Tate Read the guide

Time for a new view on Vienna

“You must go to Vienna – it’s like Paris, but without the French!” So says the David Frost character in the film Frost/Nixon. But is he right? Read the guide

Lille: Paris without the attitude

If you want some French chic, culture, art and great food, you don't have to go to the capital - the answer lies an hour closer, in Lille Read the guide

Popping corks in Corsica

Corsica’s big secret is it now produces some top-quality wines. It’s also a stunning, warm island, still relatively unexplored and definitely worth a look and taste Read the guide