Melissa Shales

Nightlife in Milan: where to party

Milan has plenty of places to party, from huge rave clubs to tiny backstreet bars and chic, sleek cocktail lounges. Fashion moves fast here, with the in-crowd following word-of-mouth recommendations. Read the guide

Nightlife in Milan: opera and the performing arts

Milan has enormous cultural wealth, including opera, ballet and music, from classics to jazz, rock to heavy metal, theatre and festivals. Those who look can find world-class entertainment. Read the guide

Shopping in Milan: do it in style

If money is no object – or you just want to press your nose up against the windows of designer heaven, Milan is the place to be. But where should you start looking? Read the guide

Shopping in Milan: the cheap(er) side of the street

Milan may be one of the world's fashion capitals but there are ways to make your euros stretch that little bit further. Read the guide