Diane Naar-Elphee

Nightlife in Vienna: come and have a ball!

Since the success of TV shows, like “Come Dancing” and “Dancing Stars”, across the world no-one can deny ballroom dancing is hip! Read the guide

Nightlife in Vienna: music for everyone

Vienna now has plenty of choice when it comes to going out for a good time at night. Listen to all kinds of music, live acts or just party and dance. This city is alive and you can feel the beat! Read the guide

Nightlife in Vienna: concerts and operas

It is no exaggeration to call Vienna the music capital of the world. Whether it's opera, operetta, concert or musical, there are venues offering something for everyone. Read the guide

Shopping in Vienna: luxury items and tasty goodies

For centuries, small family-run firms have manufactured precious items for royal families, aristocrats and wealthy industrialists. This custom continues today, albeit on a smaller scale. Read the guide

Shopping in Vienna: lively street markets

Taste costly vinegars, deer ham, Alpine cheeses and good wine. And hunt for bargains on Saturdays at the flea market. Read the guide