Paul Wade

Summer in the Swiss mountains

With the winter ski season fast finishing, St Moritz will soon turn into one of Switzerland' most stunning summer destinations: grand views, clean air, hiking and great food. Read the guide

Graz: Austria’s secret city

Done Vienna? Now head for Graz, where ancient and modern rub shoulders here: craggy castles and leading-edge museums, Renaissance houses and funky contemporary jazz Read the guide

Udine: Italy’s best-kept secret

Been to Venice? Tired of Trieste? Also in northeastern Italy is Udine, a city with a rich mix of unexpected cultures and cuisine, a Mediterranean climate and glorious scenery Read the guide

Paris for romantics

Paris is for lovers..always has been, still is...and always will be. So grab your partner and sensible shoes. The rewards include fabulous ice cream, bien sur! Read the guide

Linz: capital of cake

Linz's reign as European Capital of Culture may be over, but this Austrian city is always capital of cake... the renowned Linzer Torte Read the guide