Nichole Martinson

A Touch of India in Germany's Moselle Valley

East and West meet in Germany's tranquil Moselle River Valley, offering rest, relaxation and an unexpected taste of India at the Parkschlößchen Ayurvedic Spa Read the guide

Bordeaux, France: barrels of wine, by the glass

Travel to the oenophile’s Mecca along the fertile Garonne River, to sip your way through of one the world’s most preeminent red wine capitals; Bordeaux, France Read the guide

Tübingen, Germany: eating, drinking and thinking

Tübingen is a retreat away from fast cars, Bier and Bratwurst where many of Germany's poets and thinkers waxed poetic and thought Read the guide

Alameda, California: island getaway in the San Francisco Bay

Across the Bay Bridge, six miles from San Francisco, Alameda’s shores offer a day-trip retreat from the pulsating pace and constant stimuli of its big sister city across the water. Read the guide

Bonn, Germany: brimming with Beethoven and bygone days

From Beethoven to former Bundeshauptstadt (federal capital), situated along the romantic Rhine, Bonn is the custodian and curator of musical and modern German history (play "video") Read the guide