Murray Stewart

Inverness: a Capital Time in The Highlands

Whether you see Nessie or not, you can have a monstrously good time in Inverness. A long way north, but well worth it, the city will wine you, dine you, dance your socks off and send you home happy Read the guide

Krakow and Auschwitz. But mainly Auschwitz

A weekend city break to Krakow confronts you with the 'A' question: should you visit Auschwitz, or not? Read the guide

Camino Primitivo: a different way to Santiago de Compostela

For pilgrims in Spain, all roads lead to Santiago de Compostela. Ignore the crowded Camino Frances, take the "Primitivo" and tramp Spain's green provinces of Asturias and Galicia. Tough, but rewarding Read the guide

Languid Languedoc, mellow Minervois: life beyond the Canal

The Canal du Midi meanders gently through Languedoc, picking up and dropping off boat passengers en route. For landlubbers, equally gentle options lie beyond: the wines and slow inclines of Minervois Read the guide

A Holiday in North West Sicily - without 'The Family'

Think of Sicily, think of the Maf.... No. let's not mention it. Instead, think of sun, sand, hospitable people and glorious, glorious cuisine Read the guide