Elaine Housby

Cairo - beyond the clich├ęs

OK, so everybody wants to see the pyramids, but when you're in Cairo, the largest city in Africa, shouldn't you be able to think of something else to do afterwards? Read the guide

Auckland: a great city, not just a stopover

Some visitors seem to see Auckland as the boring bit of New Zealand in between the airport and all those extreme sports opportunities, but it is a great holiday destination in its own right Read the guide

Napier: an overlooked New Zealand gem

The small town of Napier on New Zealand's North Island is often ignored by travellers. This is a great shame as it is a charming place with a unique history Read the guide

Non-alcoholic Newcastle

Newcastle-upon-Tyne has a well deserved reputation as a hard drinking city. But you can also have a very enjoyable short break there while remaining stone cold sober Read the guide

Rotorua: fun at any time of year

Rotorua is probably the most popular tourist destination in New Zealand, but that's no reason for the discerning traveller to miss it out - in this case you should follow the crowd. Read the guide