Giovana Zilli

France - Dune du Pyla and delicious seafood in Cap Ferret

It was difficult to climb Pyla's scorching sands, but when I arrived at the top, I had a strange feeling of peace and a 360 degree-view of blues and greens to rest my eyes on Read the guide

The true colours of Riga

Autumn is the best time to visit the delightful capital of Latvia for its colourful parks, Art Nouveau buildings and culture Read the guide

Marrakech: the throbbing art of Morocco

Despite its huge number of visitors, cultural and religious traditions are fiercely preserved in Morocco, even in big centres such as Marrakech Read the guide

The grand canyons of Brazil

If you're going to Brazil, make sure to head to the south of the country, where you can see stunning canyons and beautiful waterfalls and experience the life of the local gauchos Read the guide