Kevin Hughes

London's Camden Markets - centre of the alternative scene

Camden Markets have grown to become a major London tourist attraction. Goths, Punks and alternative fashions add colour, energy and a buzz that draws in tourists and Londoners by the millions Read the guide

Historical Chester's long-awaited renaissance

The Roman city of Chester boasts Britain's largest amphitheatre, the most complete city walls, the oldest sporting venue in continuous use and much more besides. Reborn, Chester waits to welcome you. Read the guide

Clowns and classical music at London's Covent Garden Market

For centuries the site of an important market Covent Garden has been transformed into a modern, major tourist attraction where street entertainers and musicians add to the bustling market atmosphere. Read the guide

The Oscar for top movie location goes to - New York City!

New York City's iconic streets, avenues, buildings and parks have provided the backdrop for numerous movie blockbusters. Come with me on a tour of my top 10 Big Apple movie locations Read the guide

Relax in Mombasa before, or after, your safari adventure

Just an hour's flight from Nairobi you can relax at a Diani Beach luxury hotel overlooking the turquoise Indian Ocean. However, look below the surface and things are not quite what they seem. Read the guide