Simon Ball

Cuba - all inclusive at Guardalavaca

A fascinating window on one of the last bastions of communism - to be enjoyed with a touch of luxury Read the guide

Salou - paella, tapas and theme parks

With miles of golden sand, great food, big city sights and a theme park to rival the best America has to offer why travel any further? Read the guide

Moscow - It's Big

From Cold War parade ground to shopper's Paradise, Russia's capital is fast becoming a must see destination Read the guide

St Petersburg - Romanovs, Rasputin and Revolution

Enduring despotic rulers, revolutions, Nazi siege and the rise and fall of Communism, Russia's former capital has had more than its fair share of murder and mayhem and some good eating places too Read the guide

Edinburgh - In the footsteps of Dr Jekyll, Rebus and Holmes

Come with me through the dark side of Scotland's capital and follow in the tracks of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Deacon Brodie, Burke and Hare, Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Rebus Read the guide