Anne Hanley

When in Rome... eat with the Romans

The Italian capital has Michelin shrines aplenty – but for a taste of how locals eat, head for Prati (near the Vatican), the Ghetto and Testaccio, for pizza, Jewish specialities and hearty, meaty fare Read the guide

New Venice hotels: five places making waves in the lagoon

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Shopping in Venice: food and wine

Experience food shopping at its most Venetian while putting together a picnic. Read my guide and find out where to buy the finest cakes in Venice, excellent cheese and some perfectly quaffable wine Read the guide

Shopping in Venice: Venetian glass

From the moment you get off your plane or train in Venice, chances are there’ll be someone wanting to sell you glass Read the guide

The other side of Florence

Cross the Arno, leave the Uffizi and other famous landmarks of Florence behind, and enter a world of real shops, bars full of locals, traditional food and artisan workshops. This is the Oltrarno Read the guide