Lee Marshall

Shopping in Rome: around Campo de' Fiori

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Shopping in Rome: around the Pantheon and Piazza Navona

The delightful cobbled lanes around these two Roman landmarks are great places to browse for antiques, design, books, jewellery, and offbeat fashion items in Rome Read the guide

Shopping in Rome: the fashion triangle

Within a two-hundred metre radius of the Spanish Steps, you can hoover up the latest trends just as easily as you can in Milan – and at the same prices Read the guide

Rome: live history, breathe history, sleep history

Rome, Italy - In a city that cohabits so casually with its illustrious past, why not stay in a piece of history? Read the guide

Ten tips for saving money (and your soul) in Venice

Venice doesn't need to be a money drain. Putting in the prep and following a few simple rules will make for a more relaxed holiday - and help you focus on the charm and atmosphere of the lagoon city Read the guide