Tony Jefferies

Postcard from the edge in Ronda

Test your head for heights during a stroll round the picturesque and historic streets of dramatically located Ronda, in southern Spain Read the guide

Cadiz: party capital

It's easy to be beguiled by Cadiz, a city of milky light and one that devotes itself to celebrating like nowhere else in Spain Read the guide

The Azores: crossroads of the Atlantic

On a trip to the beautiful and varied Azores, anchored firmly in mid-Atlantic, you'll find familiar and not-so-familiar cultural references everywhere Read the guide

Toledo: city of steel with a soft centre

It's well worth going on a quest to unearth the ‘real’ Toledo hidden behind a breathtaking collection of tourist-trap monuments Read the guide

Alpujarras: literary pilgrimage

Little has changed in the villages of southern Spain’s Alpujarras mountains since the author of a classic travel book stopped by almost a century ago Read the guide