David Stuart Ryan

France - a weekend in Paris to remember

Montmartre is just a mile from the Gare du Nord where the Eurostar train will deposit you for a weekend of frankly shocking exuberance. There's a new dance in town which is not for the faint-hearted Read the guide

Hampi: a glimpse into the heart of India and its temples

It is a little like Kathmandu used to be, before the tourist numbers swelled. In Hampi, southern India, a laid-back, easy-going welcome awaits travellers at what is now a World Heritage site Read the guide

The delights of a short break in Amsterdam

An artistic weekend in Amsterdam designed to give you a taste for continental living. And how! Prepare to lose a few clothes and inhibitions along the way... Read the guide

Return to Colva beach, Goa

This is one of the longest beaches in the world, and one of the most beautiful. Even though mass tourism has arrived it is still a place of wonder, magic and calm. As my return visit reminds me. Read the guide

New York - the lowdown on the high-rise city break

My guide reckons New York City has everything - does the Big Apple really have it all for the perfect break? Read the guide