Turkey - not just for Christmas!

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Turkey is a destination not to be missed. Sandy beaches and serene settings, what's your excuse?

Turkey is not just famous for its chocolate covered Turkish Delights! Belly dancing also comes to mind.You won't struggle to find a colourful outfit draped with traditional shimmering beads in the many markets you stroll along during the day or evening.

Food is also a favourite, as Kebabs and Mezzes have become a huge hit around the globe. With the amount of restaurants to choose from, it will be easy to tame your tummy and experience Turkish cusine at its best.

Hisaronu is located on the West of the Mediterranean coast and means “in front of the fortress” and is surrounded by the memorable breath-taking hills, the locals call ‘The Love Mountain’. When in Hisaronu, the mountain is visible from where-ever you may stand, the picturesque view from all angles is outstanding, to this point, you’ll want to take many photographs so charge your camera!

Stay at Marcan Beach Hotel where it attracts both families and couples. The hotel is situated on a hill, exercising your way upwards but rolling happily downwards! The rooms are clean and basic, just what some may need them for, a bed, bathroom and great views of the surrounding mountains.

You cannot visit Turkey without experiencing their Turkish baths, a routine of mud, exfoliation and a combination of hot and cold temperatures will revitalise your body ready for the day ahead. Although, you must do this shortly after you arrive as waiting until your holiday is nearly over will scrub all your sun-kissed tan off.

Explore the variety of excursions available such as the remarkable city I urge any traveller to see is a place called Saklikent Gorge, known as the “The Hidden City” and that is certainly what comes to mind.

Canyon-like walls surround the river where colourful hammocks hang from posts above. Saklikent feels like a world way, a charming place to escape the hustle and bustle and to enjoy a sense of calmness. You won’t see the conventional restaurant setting but instead a remarkable atmosphere whilst sitting on cushions eating Mezze and drinking juice whilst laying in a hammock.

At dawn, walk through the plenty-full boutiques to shop from Traditional Turkish clothes to designer-like accessories. After a morning of boutique shopping, take to the water activities offered such as Paragliding and scuba diving. Turkey is widely known for its beaches, one to explore and not at all far from Hisaranu is Olu deniz beach, relax and take in the view of the cascade surroundings or hire a boat and cruise on the sun-lit sea.

My favourable hotel to stay at was the ‘Karbel Hotel’ just 400m from the beach, the staff are very welcoming and the facilities are very appropriate, for instance, in scorching weather you will be in definite need of Air-conditioning which rooms here are fitted with. Not to mention, outdoor swimming pools, sun-beds for the sun-seekers and Turkish theme evenings to embrace the Turkish culture.

On you’re return to Olu deniz, trail through the path of restaurants that overlook the golden sanded beach to indulge in the appetizing food that is to offer, from the traditional Mezze platters and fresh vegetable option to the succulent grills for the carnivores. ‘The Blue Star Pide’ Restaurant is one of many family orientated restaurants where you can all dine for a modest price. Or head toward the beach where you can find ‘Buzz Grill Bar and Grill’ Restaurant, not only is it perfectly located but also presents an variety of delicious dishes.

At dusk, you can choose from an array of bars to take advantage of the fresh and fruity cocktails, try a sip at ‘Help beach Bar’, this place is a café in the day and transforms into a funky club at night, it’s not one to miss and you’ll need ‘help’ getting out of there it’s so good! Many of the restaurant and bars are located above the boutiques and create a bustling atmosphere which is filled with natural positive energy present in those Turkish waiters, DJ’s and belly dancers.

Polite Language Buster

Hello: Merhaba!

Thank you: TeĊŸekkür ederim!

Pleased to meet you: Memnun oldum

Good bye: Güle güle


The warmest month to visit Turkey is in July where temperatures are likely to hit 94 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t forget your sun-kit!

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Olu Deniz was a lovely friendly place not overly busy, beach was clean never saw any dog mess. We stayed at the Club Sun City which was really nice no complaints at all about the hotel. The food was lovely and there was plenty of it.

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Just wonder if Karen has actually been to Olu Deniz.
The beach is not sand but course grit and usually crowded during the day with micro-lights taking off or paragliders landing.
The beach is dirty due to dog mess and the Blue Lagoon in the heat of the summer stinks!
The food served in the numerous resturants is average, certainly not delicious.
I also took a day trip back to Olu Deniz two years ago whilst staying near Fethiye and guess what! It's still the same - one to avoid as far as I'm concerned.

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Tks, i was deciding whether to take a trip to Turkey but wasn't sure of which resorts to go to but Oludeniz sounds extremely inviting, this is now my first choice. Thanks for the article.

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Great article. Was thinking about visiting Turkey and now my mind is made up :o)

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Thank you for this guide Keren. It could be much improved if you added recommended hotels via our "Hotel recommendation" tool to make the guide more user friendly. A strong introduction giving a flavour of the place rather than travel details that may not apply to everyone may also draw the reader in more and make the guide more engaging.

Was this comment useful?

I have added a more engaging introduction to Turkey and also added a 'Polite Language Buster' and 'Hotel Recommendations' to make it more user friendly.

Hi Keren. I'm afraid I've had to remove all the new hotel recommendations you'd added to this story, as they were all just lifted straight from other websites. The idea is for you to recommend hotels you've actually stayed at and liked yourself, and to describe them from personal experience, not to do a bit of trawling online and pick a few random hotels other people have written about!