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By Paul von Gerard, a Travel Enthusiast

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Pembrey race circuit is the home of Welsh Motorsport and its location is in a prime countryside area of Wales. Situated by the Pembrey coastline and beach this is an event venue for all the family

The first thing you notice on your way towards Pembrey (Penbre) is the magnificent beach and coastline that looks simply stunning in the bright Welsh sunlight yet also dramatic on a grey, overcast day. The flowing curves of the horizon with the hills towards the mainland, which seems to stretch for miles against the skyline, sets an almost ‘shire-like’ atmosphere to your stay.

Now I don’t want to be stereotypical of the Welsh weather but, the first point I must stress (after a rather changeable weekend’s weather) is always pack for both the baking heat and the rain when in Wales. On my Friday afternoon at the British Automobile Racing Club Race Circuit at Pembrey (BARC Pembrey; http://www.barc.net/venues/pembrey; 01554 891042, Postcode: SA16 0HX), the weather managed to change 4 times from almost getting a sizzling sunburn to a torrential downpour, all which happened within the space of 6hours. I’m glad I remembered the Scouting motto: Be Prepared! For those with blackberry phones you can use the following website, UK Weather Forecast, via the internet and search for ‘Pembrey Sands’ for hour by hour forecasts (http://uk.weather.com).

Track Facilities

Viewing facilities at the track are very good both from within the track and from outside of the track. Due to its short length of approximately 1.5miles, this enables all the spectators to see the majority of the track and the action on it. The track is open for track days, especially for the keen motorbike enthusiasts (http://www.trackdays.co.uk/tracks/pembrey.html; 0844 888 7700; Postcode: SA16 0HX), and also hosts rounds to the British Superkarts (http://www.superkart.org.uk; 01509 620702), Welsh Sports and Saloon Cars (http://www.wrda.co.uk/; 07973 934048) and more impressively and definitely one to go and watch if you have the chance is the, BARC Truck Racing Association Championship (http://www.britishtruckracing.co.uk/; 01344 762774). These impressive machines are restricted to 100mph but definitely hit this top speed around the Welsh track.

Local places to stay over

There is plenty of camping space available at the circuit for free, which provided a good quality surface and surprisingly did not seem to be subject to becoming slush-like under foot in the wet conditions, ideal for setting up the tent. The facilities at the track seemed to range in quality with a rather dull and unattractive shower block to what can only be described as a first class restaurant and bar all on site. All within easy walking distance from most corners of the track. Food prices at the track were extremely reasonable at the ‘Home of Welsh Motorsport’, spending just under £11 to feed 3 hungry mechanics, which compared with other premier racetracks back in England can be much more of a money consumer!

If you would rather stay with a nice roof above your head and have the luxury of a bed as opposed to the cold night in sleeping bags then there are several small villages with suitable hotels/B&B’s within easy reach of the track such as the Kidwelly B&B 3miles north of the track (62 Causeway Street, Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire) however the town of Llanelli seems to be the most popular. At 7miles east of the track, there is the extremely lovely Stradey Park Hotel (Stradey Park Hotel, Furnace, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales, SA15 4HA). With rooms at approximately £75pp/pn including breakfast, it is on the upper end of the scale in and around Pembrey but the cost to value ratio is spot on. Alternatively there is also, you're always welcome, Premier Inn Llanelli Central East at a slightly more reasonable price of £60pp/pn (Llandafen Road, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire SA14 9BD).

Travel Tip!

Don’t forget if you’re travelling from the south of England across towards Pembrey via the Severn Bridge you will have to pay the toll, free for motorbikes, £5.50 for cars and minibuses under 9seat capacity, (which also applied to our motorhome and trailer on tow!), £10.90 for minibuses under 17seats and £16.40 for everything over that. Current prices are always subject to change so this website which has all the latest prices, (http://www.severnbridge.co.uk/toll_prices.shtml).

Pembrey Country Park - Beach Break Live

If you’re also particularly interested in live music and entertainment the annual ‘Beach Break Live’ Festival at the Pembrey Country Park which is this year being held from the 14th to the 18th of June (http://www.beachbreaklive.com;). Ticket prices are priced from £80-120 depending on who you are, but this is one of the top student events of the year across the UK.

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Your enthusiasm for your subject is obvious, and of interest to a lot of others, judging by your viewing figures.
You could improve your guide with a small amount of editing, eg: take a look at the sentence that begins 'The curves of the horizon' - It's not quite giving a clear picture. A photo would be useful, of course.
You give useful information about the weather forecasts, especially the hour to hour facilities, and your recommendations on camping and other accommodation is good. You could lose the 'you're always welcome' bit before the Premier Inn recommendation, it may be a slogan, but many people, especially those from abroad won't know that.
You have a lot of telephone numbers and website addresses crammed into one area. You could free it up a bit. You don't need to put in http: etc., just start at 'www.'

Thanks for an interesting read, and a few good pictures of the countryside would all add to the appeal.

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Hi Paul
This is a well written guide, you have included specific details that will attract motor racing enthusiasts, and created an interested read for those who may not be so enamoured.
Despite the rain, it is a lovely area of Wales and there is a surprising amount of enterprise there ( see my guide on Kidwelly).
I like the fact that you have included a range of boarding options but I think you could say more about other family attractions. Well done.

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I enjoy motor sport and have visited Pembrey a few times, although I prefer bike racing as opposed to cars or karts. I enjoyed your review which will appeal to anyone contemplating a visit as it is crammed full of good tips and recommendations.

Could you edit the review again putting some key words in bold to break up the text please.

There are a few things that need editing too. For instance what is the price at the Premier Inn? I take it you have just missed including the £ sign.

Remember, Simonseeks isn't just a British site and we need to make it clear whether we are talking about Sterling, Dollars or any other currency.

Was this comment useful?

Thanks for the comment Kevin.

How that elusive £ symbol got past my editing, I don't know, but hopefully (now that it's sorted) that will save some confusion!

I really enjoy writing these motorsport-related reviews, as the hectic work in the pit lanes and unsociable hours means that sometimes the more family-orientated hotels and B&B's are simply out of the question, and I aim to enlighten those in a similar position.