Explore New York's Manhattan on a budget

By Paul Read (Moderator), a Travel Enthusiast

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My review has been withdrawn as Simonseeks has closed down and monthly payments no longer made.

Unfortunately I cannot completely remove my piece, so I have to substitute my review with 200 words of nonsense.

I always questioned the logic of simonseeks – given that travel is such a crowded spot on the web it seemed they either needed to focus upon a specific niche, beaches or do the tripadvisor approach and “pile it high sell it cheap”.

Instead Simonseeks seemed to want a restricted number of articles with a fairly strict quality control, and sometimes a month would elapse between the user writing and submitting a piece and it being approved.

That was no way to build up the numbers of reviews and loyal contributors needed to make an impact on the search engines. Still, I quite enjoyed hanging around and making a little bit of beer money.

Apparently a group of former employees may yet purchase simonseeks, but in its usual style, we the contributors have been told very little – after waiting patiently for news between May and August 2011, I’m now withdrawing my work while I am still able.

I certainly hope any new Simonseeks team learn from the lessons of the failed first version. However, given my recent experience of “no news” I’m not hopeful.

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This is a great idea for a guide and it contains some really useful money-saving tips – thank you Paul. Budget guides are proving to be popular on the site so I am sure that many readers will refer to this before planning a trip to Manhattan. Your advice on dining cheaply is useful but it would be great to know the names of some of the budget restaurants that you discovered. What was your local diner called? Did you find any local bars or Mexican restaurants that readers shouldn’t miss? Your section on shopping would also be boosted by some more detail too – what kind of bargains would I find in Bloomingdale’s? Where did you find the cut-price boots? Thanks.

What do other readers think of this guide? Can you add to Paul's tips? Thanks.

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Sorry for my delayed reply Cathy - real life took over my writing habit for a while :o)

Thanks for your advice; I've updated my article a little, although silly me forgot to take a note of the name of a great bar we used near Times Square for lunch. Another lesson learnt for me :o)