A different Adriatic Coast: Montenegro 101

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By Raquel Monteiro, a Travel Enthusiast

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Ever heard about the Adriatic Sea? Sure you did, but are you aware that there's more to it than Italy and Croatia? Montenegro also has the picture-perfect beaches, minus the crowds of tourists.

  • Meet Montenegro

One of the newest countries in the world, Montenegro, was once - before the civil war - a trendy tourist destination in Yugoslavia. Nowadays, it's an upcoming country with the fastest-growing economy in the travel and tourism industry. What does this mean? You need to get there as soon as possible, before it becomes yet another touristy country by the beach.

It's easy to understand why people like Montenegro so much. There's the Adriatic Sea, and that alone would be enough to capture thousands of tourists to Montenegro's drop-dead beaches. However, just like the Adriatic Sea doesn't end in Dubrovnik, Montenegro goes way beyond its coast into the interior, where you can find some amazing mountains and river landscapes, including the biggest canyon in Europe .

To sum up, Montenegro is good for both the lazy and the active: you can get lazy by the beach or engage in outdoor adventures in both the mountains and the sea.

  • Montenegro 101

Traveling around Montenegro is relatively easy: you have several cheap buses linking all the towns in the coast and Podgorica. Renting a car would be ideal, the roads along the coast provide some stunning views, and with the freedom a car provides, you can stop anywhere for a swim or a photo. There's a train line linking Bar to Belgrade via Podgorica, but no trains along the coast.

Start your journey in Herceg Novi, getting a glimpse of sea and sun. Take a bus or drive to Kotor, where you must climb up to the Fortifications to see the amazing view over the Bay of Kotor and the fjord. Next stop: Budva, enjoy a good meal in the old town and spare some hours (or days!) resting by the hidden beaches. Before heading to the interior, make a stop in Sveti Stefan for a swim or at least a photo. Time to leave the beach and head to the interior. Podgorica, is a small town that doesn't have much to offer, but it might make sense stopping there before heading to the Durmitor National Park where you will find Europe's biggest canyon; if it's Winter, ski, if it's Spring or Summer go hiking or rafting.

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