Sa Caleta

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Sa Caleta, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, 07839

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Sa Caleta mud cliffs
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Expert review of Sa Caleta

A tiny, protected cove with the island’s clearest, calmest water and restorative natural clay.

Sa Caleta is like my own little slice of paradise. Every week in summer I come here to escape – leave the phone at home, grab some picnic food and then spend an entire glorious sun-drenched day on the rusty coloured sand, dipping in and out of the turquoise water and quite frankly, doing a whole lot of nothing!

It’s a good laugh seeing all the people caked in mud masks made from the cliffs (and feels good on your skin too) and it’s a predominantly Spanish crowd that comes here so a nice local vibe without any tourist trappings.

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Sunbeds 6 euros.

Expert tips: 
You can sunbathe at Sa Caleta from March all the way through to November it’s so protected, though the water is freezing until June.
Bring a beach umbrella – the heat gets very intense here and there is hardly any shade at all.
Follow the locals' lead and scrape some clay from the base of the cliffs, mix it with water to make a mud mask and cake your face and body in it. Wait until it dries, then dive underwater to reveal your new, clear skin.
The Sa Caleta restaurant at the top of the hill is famed as one of the island’s finest seafood restaurants (and is priced to boot) and they’ll let you have takeaway plates on the sand.
The very small supermarket on the left before the turnoff is my favourite place to grab a picnic, with amazing sandwiches, the best empanadas and char-grilled chicken on the island.
Locals are quite protective over this beach and fiercely guard their spots on the sand, so be sure to be polite if you’re squeezing past in the height of August. Every little smile helps!
Visit the neighboring Phoenician ruins - the first ever settlement on Ibiza - on your way out (it’s just to the left of the same dirt track that takes you to the beach). The views from the cliffs are spectacular.

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Sa Caleta, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, 07839
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