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By Mike MacEacheran, your Glasgow expert

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Where to shop in Glasgow

In a scene from famous Scottish movie Trainspotting, two of the female characters ask their boyfriends what they’re talking about. “Football,” comes the reply. “What are you talking about?” the boyfriends ask back. “Shopping!” It’s a clichéd answer, but this has now become a running joke throughout the city and in many ways shopping has become more of a national sport than the country’s national pastime. And it’s not just for the girls either.

Back in the 1890s, Glasgow was the epitome of the Victorian dream, built on trade and commerce. Despite the change in styles and skirt lengths since then, today’s high street goals are very much in keeping with the city’s original principals. Simply substitute tobacco and plantation crops for designer handbags and department stores and the Glesgca trade is the same as it always was.

With more shops than any other city in the UK outside of London, Glasgow is a shopaholic’s dream and a partner in toe’s worst nightmare. In the very heart of the city, Glasgow has its very own self-proclaimed square mile housing an extraordinary concentration of shopping malls, Victorian arcades and boutiques. Read more in my guide Shopping in Glasgow: the style mile. A dedicated mobile app is even available to help shoppers seek out the best bargains and offers ( – how many other cities can claim that?

For more information on shopping in the city, read my guides: Shopping in Glasgow: the style mile and Shopping in Glasgow: surprising experiences.

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