Sin City for the saintly

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Tue, 12/01/2010 - 16:54Send for approvalNot approved (rework required)Jeanette ScottHi Hayley, I really like the theme of this guide but you just need to make a few amendments before we can consider it for publication. Thanks for including the hotels you mention in the make it happen section (by picking them from the drop down list), but these should really be places you are recommending to stay, rather than simply mentioning them. Perhaps you could include a where to stay section at the end of your guide, with personal recommendations about the hotels you wish to include. You should be able to feel comfortable offering your personal approval and you should also try and offer hints and tips for getting the best rooms/views/rates etc. People have to believe you’ve actually stayed there, otherwise why should they trust your recommendation simply because it appears in your guide? The editorial team must hyperlink all hotels within the body of the guide, so please make sure those you do feel happy to recommend are written about and the name you write exactly matches the one that appears in the drop down list. This will all increase your chances of you earning money from your guide. Thanks – we’ll be happy to see your guide again once you’re done, just hit send for approval again.
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