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How to have a good night out in Las Vegas

“Nightlife” isn’t quite the right word to describe the party options in Vegas, seeing as it’s the kind of place where it’s normal to have a Bloody Mary at breakfast and carry on from there.

If you’re looking for a place to drink, you’re in luck – you can barely move along the Strip without seeing some kind of bar, whether it’s doling out cheap beers and frozen margaritas (usually in giant souvenir glasses) or mixing up intricate cocktails. There are far too many to list all of them here, so I've written a guide: Nightlife in Las Vegas: where to drink.

There's also a guide on nightclubs, as Vegas is one of the best places in the world for clubs - Nightlife in Las Vegas: the club scene.

Shows are an integral part of the Vegas night scene, too, so I’ve listed some of the best ones here: Nightlife in Las Vegas: the shows.

Have fun! 

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