Could you be an Expert?

Are you passionate about where you live?

Simonseeks aspires to offer users the best possible guides to the world’s most popular destinations, guides which are full of excellent, comprehensive advice and information which is kept constantly up to date.

We already have a top-class team of Experts covering key cities and regions, and we are looking to expand our coverage.

Can you help us by covering another destination for us?

It will be a high-profile role and a significant opportunity to write for us. 

While the Experts appointed by Simonseeks so far are all distinguished travel writers, the primary qualification we are looking for is an in-depth knowledge of the destination in question, plus integrity, enthusiasm and good judgment. You will need to live in the destination that you are interested in covering, or at least visit regularly, and have got to know it over a significant period of time. 

It is not a pre-requisite to be a professional author in order to be selected as an Expert, but it is important to be able to demonstrate the following:

  • A thorough knowledge of hotels and restaurants (in all price brackets), of the shops, sights, events and other attractions likely to prove of interest to tourists and visitors in the destination in question. It is possible that we may also appoint specialists to cover only one of these themes - so if you are a foodie, or a compulsive shopper for example, who is interested in such a role, please let us know.
  • An ability to write accurately, independently, passionately, and at some length. Current Experts are filing more than 20,000 words for most destinations. However, some smaller cities and resorts may need somewhat less than this.
  • Attention to detail - it is crucial to the success of the site that all key facts are correct.
  • A commitment to keep pages up to date - facts change, hotels open, restaurants close, problems and issues arise, prices go up. We need Experts who will keep tabs on all these changes, respond promptly to comments from users, and write regularly about their destination.
  • Flexibility - technology and the expectations of its users change rapidly. We need to be able to respond accordingly, and our Experts need to be flexible too - willing to adapt, re-format, lengthen or shorten copy as necessary.

It’s a demanding role, but we hope the rewards will be substantial. 

If you are interested in being a Simonseeks Expert send a brief cv, outlining which destination you are interested in and why you want to be an Expert for Simonseeks, to, or by post to:

Independent Experts
Shipgate House
2 Shipgate Street
Chester CH1 1RT