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Simonseeks is a completely new approach to travel writing on the internet. You write your own articles, or guides about your favourite places to travel, post them up on the site, and we will do the rest. The guides do need to be intelligently structured and well-written, the spelling must be checked, they must include recommendations for a hotel or other accommodation, and we will always verify that any guides submitted are up to our high standards of accuracy before we publish them.

Our travel writing tips - see right - give more detailed advice. But the site is open to all - whether you are a professional journalist, an expert in a particular field of travel, a student, publisher, or simply someone who loves travelling and wants to share your experiences with others.

Simple to follow
We have made it as simple as we can to publish your work. Just register and then follow the step by step instructions to write your profile, submit your guide and upload your pictures. It's free, you have nothing to lose, and there is no catch or risk to writing for the site. Just click here to start.

Earn money
You can also earn money from your guides. We want Simonseeks to benefit everyone who contributes. We want users to find inspiration and high quality advice, and we want our writers to be able to benefit from the financial rewards which accrue from advertising and commission which can be generated by the site. So we have undertaken to distribute to our contributors half of the net revenue which results from a user responding to a recommendation in a guide, or clicking on an advertisement or link (see our Terms of Use for full details).

Once you have published your first guide, check the My Simonseeks area regularly to read your reviews and ratings, and how much you have earned. You'll also be able to reply to reviews, and re-edit your guide at anytime to improve or update it. So, good luck, and get published!

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Independent Experts

Do you know enough about a destination to be an independent expert? If you meet our criteria we can provide the facility to promote the place and yourself, see Could you be an Expert?