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The best Indian restaurant in the East Village.

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There are few better cities for great eating than New York. And this foodie expert is particularly inspired by the amount of choice here, spanning from old fashioned-style American classics to a plethora of ethnic choices.

The price point between the high end spots and hole-in-the-wall gems is striking and the best culinary itineraries span both types of joints. A stellar eating day might include a six buck soup dumpling lunch at Joe’s Shanghai and a US$26 Minetta Tavern burger with a dry Martini come the evening. The recession may have brought about a significant amount of closures but it is arguably a good thing - the new arrivals strive to offer unique cooking with good value and wonderful atmospheres and have succeeded admirably. But don’t be surprised if even at places with reasonable main course starting prices you spend significantly more if you add an appetizer, dessert and more expensive entrée into the equation (about US$50-$100 a head).

A new trend is the spate of no-reservation restaurants; the best strategy is to arrive early or late or just take residence at the bar for one of the New York cocktails while enjoying the people watching. Also don’t miss brunch when in town, this breakfast into lunch option combines tasty savory and sweet choices washed down with Bloody Marys or Mimosas. The hardest thing about eating in New York? Deciding where to go.

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As far as I am concerned New York is one of the world's best cities to eat, for both the diversity of the cuisine and the quality of the dishes and ingredients. I have picked restaurants that speak to both of those points, with a good selection of ethnic places (the Japanese food here is particularly excellent) and small neighborhood spots that focus on local and sustainable dishes that are absolutely delicious. Though there are restaurants all around town, my favorite spots tend to be below 14th Street where the one-of-a-kind, neighborhood eateries set up shop. I am a huge foodie so consider this my personal cheat sheet.