Wayne's Bar

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15 Rue de la Préfecture, Nice, 06000

Price guide: Budget

Wayne's Bar

By Anthony Peregrine, your Nice expert

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Expert review of Wayne's Bar

Ready to rock? Ready to roll? Certainly - but first, a full English breakfast, please.

A controversial one, this. Wayne’s is essentially an English pub meeting-place for the international youth which bobs through the night in Nice’s Old Town. It has beer, regular rock ‘n’ roll bands, noise, wide-screen sport, folk spilling out into the street and girls from Birmingham bouncing up and down by the bar. It is a self-confessed legend among people who think this sort of place can be legendary.

So fine dining is not really its forté. But it does have a kitchen. Open from midday to 11pm, it churns out the dishes of preference of international youth – burgers, chilli, nachos – but also some very acceptable English fare.

Eating amid mayhem

Now, I’m aware that there is a certain sort of British traveller who scorns the eating of English food when abroad. I don’t know why. When Italians tour Britain, they eat pizzas and pasta. Japanese restaurants in London are full of Japanese visitors. During Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal always eats at a Spanish restaurant.

We find this normal. So there’s no earthly reason why British self-loathing should so bedevil us that we can’t do likewise in foreign parts. And, as we all know, there are moments when only egg and bacon, fish and chips or beef and Guinness pie will do … whether we are in Nice or Nottingham.

That’s when we might make for Wayne’s. Though I’d advise going either for lunch or an early-ish dinner. Leave it too late and you’ll be eating amid mayhem.

Food and drink: 

Burgers, club sandwiches, a variety of Mexican-inspired dishes and Madras curry are all on the list, as is – the sole concession to the surroundings – a surprisingly decent salade niçoise.

But my eye is always drawn to the beef and Guinness pie and, especially, the great plateful of the cooked breakfast, available until 6pm. It acts like Proust’s Madeleine, taking me back to Lancashire. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


At lunch and through the afternoon Wayne’s is calm-ish, as if steeling itself for the evening to come. So you can take in the pretty standard pub surroundings – wooden bar, stools and tables – as you mop up your egg with bread.

By 9pm, though, the place has slipped the leash. If you’re not screaming, you’re not being heard. Young people know how to do this. I’ve forgotten.


At the bar – pleasant during the day, a bit rushed come nightfall.


On one of the main little streets of the Old Town.

Price advice: 

The full English breakfast (and it is full) comes at 10.25 euros, fish and chips (with salad) at 14.80 euros and the beef and Guinness pie 12.45 euros. A BLT sandwich works out at 6.40 euros and a cheeseburger at 5.60 euros. Most expensive on the list are beef fajitas, at nearly 20.50 euros.

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15 Rue de la Préfecture, Nice, 06000
04 93 13 46 99
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Bar open noon-2am, every day. Kitchen open noon-11pm.
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Community comments (1)

the chef was recently replaced by a dubliner called john who used to handle the food at Ma Nolan's.
He is a very good chef but I don't think he'll get a chance to show what he can really do at Waynes.
Since it became illegal to smoke inside a bar,pub or restaurant the street outside Waynes fills up at night and becomes very noisey, but apart from that it's a fun place if you're young enough