Frequently Asked Questions - Payment

Read Simon Nixon’s blog post about all things earnings-related.

You can see how much you’ve earned by logging in and going to your My Simonseeks page, where you will see a link to view your earnings.

Payment is via PayPal.

This is currently the only method we will use to pay you.

It doesn’t matter what kind of PayPal account you have.

If you don't already have an account with PayPal then you will receive an email giving instructions on how to create an account after you request your first payment from Simonseeks.

If you wish to receive payment to an existing PayPal account you must follow the instructions in the payment email and register the email address that is registered with Simonseeks with PayPal. You can then use your existing account.

We will only pay the entire balance of the account when a payment request is made.

Payment is made in pound sterling only.

Generally a payment email will be sent by PayPal within an hour of making a successful payment request.

Make sure that the email address registered with Simonseeks is correct. Also, check your spam folders looking for an email from PayPal.

If the email address is incorrect and payment has been requested then two things might be happening. There’s either an unwitting recipient claiming the money, which we can’t reclaim, or if the payment isn’t claimed the money will be returned to us. We have to wait 30 days for the money to be returned. We can’t speed up this process - this is imposed by PayPal.

There might be another problem here – please wait three working days and if you’ve still heard nothing, please get in touch with Simonseeks through the Contact Us page.

Sometimes things happen that we don’t expect. This could be an internal problem or an external issue with a third party such as PayPal. When an unexpected failure occurs we always investigate, especially when money is involved. Assuming fraudulent activity isn’t responsible we’ll re-credit a balance once an investigation is complete and satisfactorily resolved.

You have 30 days to claim payment once you’ve requested it. After this time, payment is automatically returned to us by PayPal. If this happens we’ll re-credit your balance.

First of all we need the transaction ID to trace your query. To get this go to My Simonseeks, click on My earnings, then go to Payments. You should see a table of payment requests. Make a note of the value in the “Transaction ID” column. Please include this transaction ID in any correspondence you have with us through the Contact us page.