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The church of San Juan photographed by Xescu Prats - Consell Insular d'Eivissa

By Kristie Clarkson, your San Juan expert

Why go to San Juan?

Famous for being the bohemian “side” of the island, San Juan’s lush green hills, rich flora and fauna and beautiful, ancient architecture provide a wonderful escape from the hectic beaches and nightlife scene (though it boasts its own unique, laidback culture and tranquil, quiet beaches too) and a fabulous place to unwind in peace. It’s also where the stars stay in deluxe villas and five star hotels hidden in the hills, to avoid the prying lenses of the paparazzi. Yes, it’s Ibiza, but not as you know it…

Embrace your inner hippy

The north is famous for attracting the more bohemian types and there’s no better place to embrace the peace and love vibes than here. Hit the hippy markets for the perfect ensemble, whether it’s a flower for your hair, vintage flairs or some fringed leather boots (or even just to check out the action) then stroll around the local villages of San Juan, San Carlos and San Llorenzo like you’re a local. Speaking of locals – strike up a conversation at the bars. Many of the eclectic locals have some amazing stories of days gone by in Ibiza, but it’s not my place to give them away here – seek and ye shall find.

Let the healing begin

Ibiza has attracted an assortment of healing practitioners, wellness experts and leading yoga teachers for years and they seem to gravitate to the north! This is the perfect place to go on a retreat, whether it’s to connect with nature, recuperate from an illness, bond with friends or family, try some ancient remedies and practices or perhaps study with a guru. To each his own, live and let live and let the magical healing process begin…

Discover Ibiza’s last remaining unspoilt beaches

The north coast is renowned for being home to some of the last untouched beaches on the island, boasting a raw, rustic beauty that the east side of the island just can’t match. Take a drive, exploring the small coves along the coastline, travel down dirt tracks, hike over rocky ledges and see what comes your way. There are so many tiny, unpopulated beaches up here that it’s a welcome respite from the crowds elsewhere.

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