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Hiring a car in St-Tropez

A word of warning: don’t even think of hiring a car if you are going to stay in or around St Tropez itself. Traffic into and out of the little town makes the Retreat From Moscow seem a stress-free stroll.

And it’s not much better within the village…where parking in high summer turns even nice people blood-thirsty. If your stay is to be limited to the immediate confines of the resort, then walk or hire a bike or scooter (see How to get around St-Tropez).


Only hire a car if you’re going to use St Tropez as a base for longer trips either along the coast or into the hinterland. And before you do that, do give the question proper consideration. Using St Tropez as a base for a motoring holiday is going to mean an awful lot of time immobile in the car as you leave or return to the village. It’s perhaps not the brightest idea.

If you insist, however…well, St T. has a pretty good selection of big hire car companies. Sixt is at 3 Rue Jean Mermoz (+33 8200 07498;; Avis opposite the fire station on the Avenue-du-8-mai (+33 494 970310; and Hertz on Rue de la Nouvelle Poste (+33 494 558300; Use the booking tool above to compare prices.

Meanwhile, if you’re loaded and in a showy frame of mind, the place also has specialist limo agencies, with or without chauffeur. AzurVIP (+33 488679886; will fix you up with a Maserati 4200 for 1,000 euros a day, a Bentley Continental with chauffeur for 1800 euros.

Finally, Locazur at 9 Route des Plages (+33 494 975785; straddles both budget cars and higher-end items like Porsches and Mercedes.

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