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More double winners

November draw is done and we have more double winners this month. It really does pay to get more guides in.

Congrats to all the winners and good luck to all for next month...

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Another month and another prize draw flies by

The latest prize draw has been done and it feels great to have given away yet more cash.

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Great travel content could go flaccid

Will David Cameron’s plan to block internet porn be damaging to those interested in yak penises (or is it Peni, or Penes - where are our Editors when we really need them?)

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Logging on

As a lot of you have already noticed, you are now free to log in to Simonseeks and start writing / commenting again.

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Time to start earning - The new revenue-share structure

I want to update you on a few changes we are making to the revenue-share arrangement.

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Thanks for the support

So this week saw us announce that the lunatics had taken over the asylum. A big thank you for all your messages of support.

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Guess what...

Just a short note to say... we're home!

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What to see in Berlin

 Berlin, the impressive and sprawling capital of Germany, is a top tourist destination with good reason. The city has a whole range of exciting and intriguing places to visit and discover.

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Time Travel in London

The capital of the United Kingdom has been around for a long time.

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Where should I stay in Paris? An area-by-area guide

Each district of Paris has its own distinct character and flavour. Where you choose to stay will make a big difference to your overall experience.

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