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Video killed the radio star... but it improves travel guides no end!

We’ve just introduced the ability to show video from YouTube in guides, a great way to improve guides and to really inspire readers - and given Simon keeps saying we’re like t

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Making money through our partnerships

With my background of running Travelsupermarket and historic relationships with the major travel players in the UK we have seen a strong start to setting up a large range of commercial relationship

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Update on writers' payments

One of the most popular queries raised by our writers over the past few weeks is ‘When are we going to get paid?’ Our writers are of paramount importance to the website so we feel it is

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New developments coming up on Simonseeks

Welcome to the launch of our first blog and official writers newsletter, it’s now been just over seven weeks since we went live, and I am writing to update you with the latest news about the

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Changes to the 'Make It Happen' section

As you may have noticed, the hotel recommendations in the Make It Happen section are looking a little different; we are now able to show the hotel image and links to more photos, descriptions, maps

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The new Simonseeks blog!

Welcome to the new Simonseeks blog, where each week we will be updating you with new website features and new initiatives aimed at improving your Simonseeks experience, and giving you travel advice

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