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Are you talking to me?

They were, but you couldn't answer - writers were keen to answer their critics, but they couldn't. Really, we couldn't believe we'd missed this!

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In Croatia no-one can hear you scream

...that's because it's 6:30am and the noise that the hotel staff are making drowns out all other noise - even screams of frustration as I try to sleep off the previous nights prodigious wine consum

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Target - Top 10 in travel within our first year...

OK, so here’s the deal: Simonseeks started out in June with a view to being one of the top 10 travel sites on the web within its first year, offering its users the most up-to-date, fresh and

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Does my bum look big in this?

We're always looking to add more functionality, from adding video to guides (delivered the other week) to mapping the locations of recommendations (coming soon) to community forums to..

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New incentives to write for Simonseeks: £20,000 in travel-writing prizes

To encourage new and existing writers to contribute to the site, we've decided to offer a hundred prizes of £200 to our writing community.

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Ideas for new guides

For a site which is only a few weeks old, we have an extraordinarily broad and comprehensive coverage of the world’s major holiday and travel destinations. But we still need many more.

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Quality or quantity?

Should Simonseeks be insisting on a quality threshold, or should the site be made more open so that anyone can publish their guides?

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Useful Sites

We come a cross a number of really useful sites and thought why not collate these as a post that will keep growing....

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Sharing Simonseeks vision

From my experience of founding and running a number of successful entrepreneurial companies I have always found it helpful to set out a company mission statement from the outset.

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Your earnings

Writers may have noticed that no revenue has yet been registered in the ‘my earnings’ section of their profile page. Don’t worry, there is a reason!

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