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Incredible clifftop communities around the world

These brave communities certainly live life on the edge… if you like a room with a view, these jaw-dropping clifftop towns may make you reconsider:

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Glittering film Coventry

Silent Night; Away in a manger; O Little Town of....Coventry?!

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Improve your travel writing...and earn more - a reminder

This is a reminder about a special rate being offered to Simonseeks writers to attend a master class with Wordmonkeys, two highly-respected journalists who run intensive, one-day courses in central

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More top earning guides and advice

Simonseeks recently announced that the second round of earnings has been paid to writers.

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Incredible lakes around the world

Lakes have been the source of fascination for geologists, historians and general mankind for thousands of years.

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Second earnings paid

We are pleased to announce that the second round of writer earnings have been paid today.

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Top nudist beaches around the world

Us Brits may be renowned for our stiff upper lip when it comes to baring all, but for those among us who do enjoy being in the buff, there is no better way of letting it all hang free than on a sun

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Something's different – I can't quite put my finger on it...

OK, so the more observant among you will have noticed that the Simonseeks site has had a facelift - a new paint job if you like.

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Simonseeks announces October's competition winners

Simonseeks is thanking its writing community once again for the time and expertise they have given to the website.

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Ideas for new guides

The site is still less than six months old and we already have an incredible range of travel guides covering the world’s best destinations.

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