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Useful sites to visit before you book your next Ski Trip

This recent blast of icey weather has probably affected us all in some way, some of us have had to endure a nightmare commute to work that has ended up taking at least double the usual amount of ti

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The Best Chinatowns From Around the World!

Chinese New Year is one of the most important Chinese holidays and 2010 is the year of the Tiger!  The celebrations begin on the first day of the first month in the Chinese calendar, which me

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The Worlds Oldest, Weirdest and Most Famous Trees

There are probably hundreds of magnificent trees in the world. Most are created by mother nature, and a few have had a helping hand from us humans, but all of them are amazing to look at.

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New hotel recommendation form

If you’ve uploaded a guide recently and not found your hotel recommendation in our database, you’ll have noticed a new form when you manually added your recommendation.

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The dos and don'ts of writing for Simonseeks

We have enjoyed a lot of interest from new writers in 2010 and now have a total of 735 writers on the site.

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All about Greece - info, sites and blogs

It’s time to start thinking about booking a summer holiday and with temperatures reaching as high as 37°C Greece is the perfect destination!

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Holidaying in France

France in my opinion is horribly underrated by a lot of Britons today, many of us pack ourselves off to far away destinations, paying for costly flights and putting up with jet lag.

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The World's Most Amazing Deserts

From Europe to Africa, America to Antarctica, there are deserts all over the world that offer hostile but often beautiful environments.

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Giant Snowdrifts & The Worlds Snowiest Places

While giant snowdrifts are a commonplace in some parts of the world the last few weeks have seen the UK hit by some of the worst snow in decades causing this giant snow canyon to form in the

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Simonseeks announces December’s competition winners

To thank our writing community for the time and expertise they have given to the website, Simonseeks has been giving away £20,000 in travel-writing prizes.

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