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What is the Best Geek Vacation?

I recently got back from the SXSW conference which apparently has been dubbed "Spring break for geeks", now, I am a geek, and I was there, but I am sure we can do better than Austin, Texa

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Festivals in Italy, Film, Food and Jazz

Italy has lots of festivals and special occasions that are celebrated annually and Italian festivals are a great way to party whilst immersing yourself in the culture.

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What do you want to see in the writers' forum?

I’ve had a great response from my introduction blog post and it is obvious from the comments that Simonseeks is in need of a writers' forum!

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Give us your tips

So the Spanish are the worst tippers, according to a new survey. I would have put good money on the Brits claiming the title.

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In and around Provence

Provence is simply a cluster of towns in the South of France - even though each town, city and village is to its own, historical and modern day contrasts and connections make Provence an intriguing

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January’s top-earning writer earns more than £100

We’re pleased to announce that January’s payments have now been credited to all writers.

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A taste of Europe

Going out for a meal when you're on holiday is always a treat and within Europe there is such a vast range of foods and cultures.

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New Community Manager

Hello! I thought it was about time that I introduced myself to you all, my name is Sally Rowland and I am your new Community Manager!

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Google Street View Best Streets Awards – without the street view!

On the 8th March 2010 Google announced the winners of the Google Street View Best Street Awards.

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Questions? We've got answers

We’re aware that, from time to time, users experience problems on the site or have questions that they can’t immediately find answers to.

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