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A new look at London’s past – the opening of Discover Greenwich

I see a lot of openings in the course of my day job, but Discover Greenwich, the new attract

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Côte-d’Azur gossip

VOLCANIC ASH LATEST: I was out this Monday morning on the coast. I bumped into a British couple stranded by the presence of unwanted bits of Iceland above our heads.

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The beautiful game in Barcelona

I’m not really one for the beautiful game, but I understand quite a few of you are, and even I have to admit that the buzz surrounding a Barça match at times like this (when, they tell

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Venice of the mind

Any regular visitor to Venice creates their own special places in this city full of magical hidden corners. One of mine has always been Palazzo Fortuny.

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The Colosseum: Access All Areas

Mark 1 July 2010 in your diaries.

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Mouth-watering New York City

I love eating in New York and this season has marked a particularly rich period of restaurant openings - intimate, one-of-a-kind, unpretentious for the most part, with excellent food.

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Asparagus Rock in Paris

One of the things that always fascinates me about Paris is how different worlds coexist here, even on the same street.

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Madrid in May - party time

It’s almost impossible to get any work done in May in Madrid. I don’t know why I even bother to try. May 1st is of course Labour Day. So everyone has the day off.

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Springtime cycling in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an enviably liveable city in so many ways, but what I like most about day-to-day life there is its bike friendliness - we're talking hundreds of miles of flat, car-free cycle lanes.

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Southern France - Self catering style

Whether you’re a family or a couple, camping and

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