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The joys of the Peaks

The Peak District is one of England’s greatest National Parks, in fact it was the first to be given such status in England.

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St Patrick's Day and Guinness

With St Patrick’s Day just around the corner it‘s that time of year to celebrate all things Irish.

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Films and travels

Many things inspire us to pack our bags and get away from it all, but according to a survey by British Airways around 40 percent of us are influenced to travel because of the films we see.

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Home or away?

When I was younger we used to holiday in the UK rather a lot, I have great memories of cottages in the Yorkshire Dales, exploring rock pools in Scotland, horse riding up mountains.

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Essential travel tips

Whilst travelling you should expect the unexpected – things can never be guaranteed but by the laws of logic the more you plan ahead, the smoother your trip should be.

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Winter Olympics... things you may not know

The Winter Olympics in Sochi this year have already got the international communities’ eyebrows raised.

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Amazing ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day - love it or loath it – it’s on the horizon.

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Important update for writers

We are experiencing some technical difficulties with the add / edit guide form, as a result we have removed this functionaliity from the site and the site is closed to new guides until fu

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Top Travel Trends 2014

What is motivating people to travel in 2014? These are my predictions for the year ahead.

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The weird and wonderful: the world’s most unusual museums

However outlandish your interests are, you can bet your bottom dollar, that there is a little museum, dedicated to your preferred subject.

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