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The Writers’ forum is now live on the site!

Over the last three months we have carried out a beta forum where 20 Simonseeks’ writers have contributed to topics on general travel, shared advice and experiences on writing guides for Simonseeks, and communicated with the editors. We have now decided to turn the forum live so everyone will have a chance to contribute.

We feel that a forum will be a great outlet for you to communicate with other writers as well as members of the Simonseeks’ team including the editors. You can ask questions as well as offer your advice to other writers and potential writers who are looking to start writing for the site. It will give you the chance to get to know other members of the Simonseeks’ community as well as finding out useful information on writing a travel guide.

Everyone will be able to see the forum and you can access it from the main navigation bar on the home page.

All you need to do to start contributing is to sign-up to the site, if you haven’t already done so this process is easy, free and takes no time at all.

So what are you waiting for? There are a number of interesting and popular topics currently being discussed in the forum whether you want to find out how to promote your guides in the How do you promote your guides (if at all)? topic, share your latest ideas for your next travel guide in the What’s coming up? topic or even discuss the strangest delicacies you’ve tried on your travels in the Food for thought topic.

Click here to visit the writers’ forum to see all the topics that are currently being discussed and if your question hasn’t been answered then start a new topic and get involved!


Community comments (2)

Hi Peter, your guide has been sent for approval so it will be looked at today or tomorrow. If you have any other queries about uploading guides or you would like to speak to an editor then visit the forum:

I have written it and I remember submitting my guide but the history says "SEND FOR APPROVAL" does it mean SENT FOR APPROVAL? I cannot see any other button to push?