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Video killed the radio star... but it improves travel guides no end!

We’ve just introduced the ability to show video from YouTube in guides, a great way to improve guides and to really inspire readers - and given Simon keeps saying we’re like the YouTube of travel in his interviews, it seemed the right thing to do!

Here's a couple of quick examples. Ok, so we cheated a little and didn't use our own holiday videos... but Simon has promised to take some footage of him on a Jet Ski the next time he's in Barbados.

So how do you add video to your guide? Well, we’ve kept it really simple. Most people upload their videos to YouTube, so we’ve chose to link to them. This way you don’t have to upload anything to simonseeks, just tell us the YouTube URL in your My Simonseeks workspace and hey presto, it will appear at the end of your guide.

And, because the videos on YouTube can be redistributed, they don’t even have to be your own! If you find a good video of your recommended location, hotel, beaches, activities, whatever... just use that URL.

We’ll shortly be making those guides with video more obvious and allowing more than one video to be included. All of which should help draw more people in.

As always, if you’ve got any ideas or suggestions, leave a comment below...

Community comments (8)

Fully agree that videos are a great feature but as one of the world's computer illiterate I am struggling with it a little. I "accidentally" found a very appropriate video in YouTube but wasn't sure if I had to upload it to my own account and couldn't find a way to do that. Also I was a bit concerned with the issue of copyright as the video seemed to have been made for a company promo. I would have been quite happy to endorse this as the boat trip in question was featured in my article. My son suggested that I should merely have used a link to the video. What would you advise please?

No worries, there's no uploading involved, you don't even have to have a YouTube account. And there are no copyright issues.

> Find the page that the video is on.
> Highlight the URL that is in the address bar (http://www...etc).
> Right click and choose Copy.
Then on your guide page (when in Edit mode)
> Click in the space where it says Video
> Right click and choose paste

As long as the text in that Video field is exactly the same as what's on the YouTube page where you watched the video, it will appear in your guide.

Let me know if your still having problems.

Is there a way of adding video for destinations which don't yet have written guides?

Hi Kate, I'm afraid not... video can only be added to guides

There has been some great new video content added... check out Chris Stokel-Walker's guide on Seville, "Seville's unique style", and Allie Reynolds's "Passionate about Paris" and "Las Vegas for non-gamblers"

Interesting development.
Would like to know if:
The video provider has the same earning potential as the editorial provider?
Will you apply the same quality control to video content as editorial?
Will there be a limit to the number of videos linked to any one feature? If not, how will you prioritise content?

Hi Cathy, sorry for not responding sooner.. I was in Spain with my video camera filming for my next guide!

Charlie seems to have covered your points above but I'd just like to add that, to me, a short video really does bring a guide to life and makes it alot more inspiring.

However, its all down to personal opinion, so we'd love to hear what others think....

Hi Cathy, the video provider has no earning potential directly from the site, the writer has the earning potential. The video like images is just another way in which a writer can enhance their guides and hopefully make them more popular thus increasing traffic to their guide.

There will be no editorial control on video upfront, however we will continue to moderate content where appropriate or if it is highlighted by our commuinity (e.g. offensive content).

Currently you can only add 1 video link to your guide, however, we are in the early stages of this feature and we want to see if our writers find it useful, in future we may introduce the functionality to add more videos to a guide.