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Travel Guide of the Month Awards

We have just launched the monthly travel guide awards where the best travel guide of the month (voted for by the community) will win a £50 Amazon voucher.

Every month the Simonseeks editorial team will pick out the top 10 guides that were uploaded in the previous month, I will then write a blog post listing all these guides giving you the opportunity to vote for your favourite. At the end of the month we will announce the winning guide and the guide writer will receive a £50 voucher, as well as having their winning guide promoted in the newsletters and through the Simonseeks Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Here’s how you can vote:

1. Click on the guide link you want to vote for in the list below

2. When you are on the guide page click on the ‘watch this post’ link on the toolbar (you need to be signed-in in order to see/do this):

3. Once you have clicked on the ‘watch this post’ link you should see the following message on the toolbar:

The nominations:

*All you have to do to vote is to click on the guide link and then click ‘watch this guide’ in the toolbar*

  Tikal, Guatemala – a two day trip from Belize

  By: Charlotte Reeve


  Saigon: history and culture in a very modern city

  By: Catherine Ball


  Varanasi: India encompassed

  By: Holly Cave


  Explore the untamed landscapes of Boa Vista, Cape Verde

  By: Lucy Oates


  Singapore in a day

  By: John Gwilliam


  In search of the “real” Jamaica: Negril

  By: Joan Lewis


  A camp for the night in Jordan’s beautiful Wadi Rum

  By: Paul Read


 Saxon Switzerland: between a rock and a winding river

  By: Finn McCarthy


  To Morocco without flying

  By: Colin Baird


 Inverness: a Capital Time in The Highlands

  By: Murray Stewart


The closing date for voting is the 17th February and the winning guide will be announced on the 18th February.

If you have any questions and or problems voting for a guide then just let me know in the comments below.

Community comments (12)

Hi Sally,

Delighted to be nominated, thanks a million!


Hi Sally,

What a pleasant surprise. Thanks for the encouragement.

All the best,


is a useful tool

Great idea! Good luck to all of those nominated.

This was a nice surprise! And an extra incentive to write more guides!

It made my Friday too! :-)

Wow! How exciting to be nominated - thank you!!

Thank you very much! How exciting!


Great idea! Finding out that my guide has been nominated made my Friday.

Wow, I wasn't expecting the chance of a cash prize - nice idea; hope it takes off :o)


Hi Sally,

If we've already commented on a guide, we are already watching it. How do we vote for a guide if we've already commented on it?


Hi Richard,

If you’re already watching a guide but want to vote for it in the monthly travel guide awards, then just send me a private message in the forum with the guide you would like to vote for and I will make sure your vote is recorded.