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Top nudist beaches around the world

Us Brits may be renowned for our stiff upper lip when it comes to baring all, but for those among us who do enjoy being in the buff, there is no better way of letting it all hang free than on a sun-drenched beach.

Nudest Beach

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If you're in the mood to release your inhibitions and join in on all the fleshy fun, prepare yourself for some of these bare-all beaches, where nudity is not only allowed, but celebrated!

Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Beach

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At Paradise Beach in Mykonos Greece, partying and nudity go hand in hand! If you're after a tranquil stretch of sandy shore, my advice is move along - this beach comes alive from about 4pm with music, alcohol and scantily clad holiday-goers in the mood for fun and frolics. A full moon party is even held once a month in the summer should you feel like pulling a moony under the stars!

Swanbourne Beach, Australia

Swanbourne Nudest Beach

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With Swanbourne beach in Perth being the site of the annual Nude Beach Olympics, you would expect nothing other than an abundance of flesh bouncing around - and this hugely popular nudist beach in the land down under does not disappoint. Strip down and join in with the games of volleyball and tug-of-war with fellow beach-goers in the buff, but be sure to watch out for flying bullets around your nether regions - believe it or not, the beach is adjacent to a military rifle range, leaving you feel just a little more vulnerable than than your average nude beach!


Plage de Tahiti, Saint Tropez, France

Plage de Tahit

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If stripping off is not for you, Tahiti beach in Saint Tropez is worth a visit even if merely to gawp at the enviably bronzed jet-setters that frequent its shores year upon year. Who knows, you may even spot a celebrity in their birthday suit!

Baker Beach, USA

Baker Beach

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This gem of a beach sits in the shadow of San Francisco's famous Golden Gate Bridge - conveniently secluded from the manic hustle and bustle of the city for those feeling shy. America has slightly stricter rules when it comes nudist beaches, meaning you can incur a telling-off should you stray from the official nudist area. The waters are also famously nippy - stray too far and you may come face to face with one of the many shark species that lurk in the waters - not a preferable situation with body parts floating around!

Studland Bay, Dorset

Studland Bay

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And finally, if you'd prefer to stay on home turf, even little old Britain boasts a delightfully scenic nudist beach down on the Dorset coast. Luckily, Studland Bay is a little less risque than its oversees cousins, with clearly marked out nude and clothing areas for those who are happier birdwatching (the area is renowned for rare bird spotting). Just make sure your binoculars don't stray too far - you may be in for more than you bargained for!

Wreck Beach, Vancouver

With over 500,000 visitors annually sunning their bare bums at Wreck Beach, Vancouver, it’s no surprise that this is one of the largest official nude beaches in the world. The clothing optional culture proves to be incredibly friendly whether you're comfortable to go completely nude or not! Thanks to Tim for the addition!

Wreck beach


Little Beach, Hawaii

Very little enforcement of anti-nudity laws is done at Little Beach despite it being illegal to be naked in public in Hawaii. Make sure you visit on a Sunday evening to join in the festive sunset celebration with fire-dancing and drums.

Little Beach


Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Mykonos is a home to a number of nudist beaches. Super Paradise, being the original and most famous, is always full of people partying until the early hours. Super Paradise is another party beach, less organised than the first but still full of naked party goers enjoying the music and the great atmosphere.

Paradise Beach


Zandvoort Nudist Beach

In 1975, following a vote which resulted in a majority in favour, a 2.5 km stretch of sand on Zandvoort was officially declared a nudist beach. Being the closest beach to Amsterdam and now the Netherlands largest nudist beach, it can get very crowded so make sure you arrive early!



Praia da Galheta

Praia da Galheta is Florianopolis “clothing optional” beach situated between two other popular beaches in Santa Catarina, Mole beach and Barra da Lagoa beach. The locals are keen to preserve the area so there are no restaurants or buildings along the waterfront, keeping the area as an private retreat.

Praia da Galheta



There are two ways to get to Espalmador Island, by boat or by swimming. And make sure you bring a packed lunch as there are no shops or bars on the island.



As always if you know of anymore we can add to the list then let us know in the comments below..


Community comments (5)

Paradise Beach in Mykonos is one of the most fun places I've visited in the world. We went during the afternoon and it was such a party right in the middle of the day. Great music and drinks. The beach is beautiful also.
beaches in the world :

Please you are giving wrong infos. The last pic on this post is NOT Wreck beach.. which is a cool beach with COOLER water 8-18Cmaximim in summer Grrrr that is not a great swimming beach! The pic you see is "Little Makena" on Maui Island and THAT is the best nude beach "clothing optional" worldwide. With stunning parties every Sunday from 3pm till after sunset. For straight, family, gay, boring, fun, artist. With excellent snorkeling in front of you 30yards of the beach and post card sunsets every sunny day. Otherwise there are many stunning nude beached on all the islands in Croatia, in Myconos there is Paradise, Super Paradise and Super Super Paradise THREE beaches in a row ( not only one) and the one after that is not so popular is the best in Netherlands near Amsterdam Zanvoort and many more to Brazil 3hrs drive from Rio in Buzios and on the island of in Florianopolis and I could go on and SPAIN in IBIZA and on the island of ESPALMADOR

Hi Vic, thanks for the correction with Wreck Beach, I've updated the post now. Also some great additions you have suggested as well and i've added these to the growing list!

How can you write about the top nudist beaches in the world and miss out on the best beach I have ever been to. The fact that clothing was 'optional' proved to be just another 'feather in the cap' for this bustling, thriving, spot of natural beauty.

Wreck beach sits in walking distance next to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. This means that any of the pretty young things that do take the plunge and get naked everything is in the right place. ;)

You can kick back and enjoy a beer or have a gin and tonic delivered to your patch of sand. If you get bored from the sea, beautiful white sands or any of the local students playing their guitars then there is a virtual hippie shopping mall just metres away. You can buy new wardrobe accessories of light cotton clothing, a freshly cooked corn on the cob or a nice cold ice cream.

This beach is not for those who want a quiet secluded beach but for something so close to the city-a short bus ride from the centre, and a beautiful trip down stairs through a forest. It holds a lot of history being one of the naked variety so close to a city centre.

This is the best place to spend pretty much any free time you may have, and I am not overexagerating...........

Thanks Tim, glad you highlighted this one!