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Target - Top 10 in travel within our first year...

OK, so here’s the deal: Simonseeks started out in June with a view to being one of the top 10 travel sites on the web within its first year, offering its users the most up-to-date, fresh and exciting travel content out there... and we’ve all been working pretty hard behind the scenes to achieve this, adding new guides and features to the site on a weekly basis.

As more and more people are hearing about Simonseeks, and trying the site out for themselves, we’ve gradually been moving up the ranks, and Hitwise UK, a search statistics site, has recently recognised us as one of the web’s fastest movers in travel, as we jumped a whopping 1307 places to no. 976!

So, we’re getting there, and I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone in the Simonseeks community who has helped us get to where we are... with your continued support, we’ll easily hit our 12-month target.

Community comments (4)

I've been recommending the site (not just because I want people to see my guides, although that would be nice) but because I think it's a really useful resource, especially when it comes to short trips and city breaks. It's like asking a whole bunch of mates who have been.
Unfortunately, I can't write up and recommend a load of things I would like to as the accomodation is a tour or few days trip as opposed to a single place. My Fiji and Auckland guides are waiting on a feature like this.
Are there any plans in the offing to get tours that include accomodation in here?

'accommodation' has two 'm's
it is 'waiting for', not 'waiting on'.
No wonder the guides take so long to be edited.....

Hi Sadhbh
You can recommend more than just accommodation in your guides, as we also help to promote your guide by contacting all the recommendations you write about and make them aware that they have been mentioned by yourself in a guide on Simonseeks. A lot of businesses are very glad of the mentions they receive and in return they have promoted the guides themselves on their own websites. This helps drive increased traffic to your guides and also helps to make them appear more prominently in search engines. We are looking at how we can also set up tour accommodation similar to your recommended accommodation, so please go ahead and write your guides as we can update your guides when this becomes available.
Thanks, Charlie

congratulations. I look forward to reading more on this site.